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Tourism and Leisures
Tourism and Leisures

   Musée Airborne Sainte-Mère-Eglise                                   Pointe du Hoc                                           Eglise de Sainte-Mère-Eglise


Tourism is one of the great economical sectors of Le Cotentin

The Airborne Museum is one of the most visited of Basse Normandie. Just a few kilometres away, the Utah Beach Museum is set on the very place where the American Landing took place in June 1944.

Two former German batteries for coastal defence are great sites to visit : One in Azeville and one in Crisbecq in St Marcouf.

For the ones who are fondly interested in the history of “the Longest Day” we advise them to go to the Mémorial in Caen, stopping by la Pointe du Hoc and the American Cemetery of Colleville in front of Omaha Beach.

The German cemetery of "La Cambe"is the largest military cemetery of Basse-Normandie. It is situated along the N13 near Isigny sur Mer.


Cimetière américain de colleville                                             Utah beach                                                  Batteries allemandes


Walking in Le Cotentin

Sainte Mère Eglise is on the border of the Regional Park of the Marshlands which emphasises the great world of the swamps. Through organised walk tours or free walks, you will enjoy seeing birds of the Marschlands in their natural environment.

Going north along the east coast of the half island, you need 20 minutes to reach Saint Vaast La Hougue which was recently listed in the Heritage of UNESCO. Renowned oyster can to be savoured in front of the fisher harbour and marina where from you have a full view of the Tatihou Island. From there, you will find another lovely harbour, Barfleur, listed as one of the most beautiful villages of France









                              Port de Barfleur                                                                                             Pêche à Saint-Vaast-La Hougue


The touristic road that goes through the Val de Saire reaches then Cherbourg where the Cité de la Mer settled in the old transatlantic harbour station, museum linked to the ocean exploration. Cherbourg has as well the greatest artificial roadstead of the world.

But, the most beautiful walk/hike is, without question, around La Hague, where you may also stop by Jacques Prévert’s house in Omonville la Petite, before going and admire the awesome sites of the Ecalgrain Bay and the Nez de Jobourg. Southern, Barneville-Carteret is very much appreciated as holiday place. Crossings to Jersey, Guernsey or Sark depart from there.








                                                     Paysages de la Hague...








At last, a little more than an hour away, the magic of Le Mont Saint Michel perpetuate the fascination of its visitors









                                                                                             Baie du Mont-Saint-Michel

Monuments and Castles

Le Cotentin is the richest region of Normandie in terms of manors and castles. Some of them have been built during the Middle Ages : the ones you can still see are Pirou, Saint Sauveur le Vicomte or Bricquebec. Between the end of the 16th Century and the beginning of the 17th Century, it used to be a architecture school of Le Cotentin, with constructions like Chiffrevast à Tamerville, Crosville, Saint Martin le Hébert. You will as well find great places from the 18th century with the castles from Coigny, Pont-Rilly or Quinéville.

Valognes has kept beautiful private mansions despite the destructions in 1944. The most remarkable is the Hotel de Beaumont.

A lot of roman churches are to be visited like the ones of Querqueville, Octeville, Martinvast and especially Lessay









                          Chateau de Crosville                                                                                              Hôtel de Beaumont


Parcs and gardens

The mild climat of the Cotentin made it possible in the 19th century to create a lot of gardens. You will be surprised by the rare plants and perfumes during your visit.

We recommend the visit of the public garden and the Emmanuel Liais Park in Cherbourg. You can see as well a beautiful greenhouse of the Chateau des Ravalets in Tourlaville. Another lovely site to go to is Urville Nacqueville : a magnificient park around a 16th century residence.

The real passionate cannot miss the botanical garden of Vauville, a harmonious oasis due the never ending improvement made by the owners.









                     Parc Emmanuel Liais à Cherbourg                                                        Serre du château des Ravalet à Tourlaville


Sports and Activities


Sand yacht is a sport you can practice in Sainte Marie du Mont. For the fans of aviation, two aeroclubs are available: Cherbourg-Octeville and Lessay.

Two golf courses with 9 holes are always open : Cherbourg-La Glacerie and Fontenay sur Mer (soon 18 holes).

Le poney-club des Almadies propose many activities such as course for children starting age of 2, going outs for beginners or confirmed. It is located in Foucarville, 10 minutes away by car.

Tennis courses can be rented at many places and for the ones who enjoy hiking, a lot of paths can be found all along.










Without being known as a high standard of Gastronomie, the Cotentin is a great place that give to restaurants a range of great quality products. A lot of restaurants would deserve to be listed here but 2 places that cannot be missed are: La Malle aux Epices in Auderville (La Hague) and especially La Marine in Carteret which has a star in the Michelin Guide since 20 years.

In Sainte Mère Eglise, the “John Steele” gives you a good rate in terms of quality and price.

We have recently found 2 places where we had a great time: “La Forge d’Yvetot”, 15 minutes away from Sainte mere Eglise and “L’Estaminet” in Sainte Marie du Mont.


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